Metabolic Health Considerations


There are many severe health considerations that effect individuals as a result of their obesity and these are very important factors that a health professional will consider when assessing the appropriate weight loss pathway for you.

These can include

Heart Disease, Hypertension, Stroke, Cardiac Failure

Sleep Apnoea, Asthma

Type 2 Diabetes, PCOS

Galbladder Disease, Pancreatic Disease, Reflux, Cancers

Kidney Conditions, Incontinence, Sexual Dysfunction, Cancer

Fertility, Menstrual Conditions, Cancer

Osteoarthritis, Back Pain and Spine Disorders, Foot & Ankle Conditions

Weight Loss Medications

Weight loss medications can work on the central nervous system to reduce hunger levels or they act on the gastrointestinal tract to reduce nutrition absorption. Medications used for weight loss are often considered by a health professional for individuals in conjunction with a lifestyle plan and when their BMI is greater than 30, or they have other associated co-morbidities.

Metabolic Assessment

If you are experiencing medical conditions associated with your weight such as diabetes, PCOS or osteoporosis, or you are experiencing increased weight gain as a result of a thyroid condition for example, then an assessment with one of our specialist Endocrinologists may be an appropriate pathway for you.

Our Professionals

Weight loss can result in medical and emotional benefits as well as improvements to an individual’s overall quality of life. However, with so many different co-morbidities associated with obesity it’s important that each individual is assessed by an experienced bariatric specialist.

Our bariatric specialists work with a team of medical and surgical professionals to ensure a holistic approach to weight loss management.

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