hypnosis and weight management

Hypnosis and Weight Management

Hypnosis for weight management offers a unique and intriguing approach to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. By harnessing the power of the subconscious mind, hypnotherapy helps individuals transform their relationship with food and exercise. Through personalised sessions, you can address emotional eating, boost motivation for healthier choices, and build lasting habits. Janine Rod, Psychologist and Clinical Hypnotherapist shares her insights.

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Janine Rod, a distinguished Psychologist and Clinical Hypnotherapist, holds consultations at the Integrated Health Institute, conveniently located at 580 George St in the heart of Sydney, NSW, with the added convenience of telehealth appointments available.


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*Note: this service incurs a fee and is not included in the bariatric aftercare package. Request your appointment now and our team will be in touch with the next available date and fees. 

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